About Us


Established in 1998, Metalcraft inc. is a Company dealing in all kind of designer metal products. Metalcraft, the name that spells quality and excellence, is a part of Group of Companies with diversified interests in exports, manufacture and trading. Over the years, the group has shifted its focus from single product to multi-products. The Company believes that quality is not created by chance but is an outcome of continuous efforts to achieve it. In its ongoing quest for excellence the Company has produced items for every stratum of society, with ingenious craftsmanship and decades of experience in metal. 

Manufacturing Unit

The Company has its own, well established production unit, conveniently located in the NCR City – Gurgaon, near the international airport. With the state of art manufacturing technology, skilled workers, experienced professionals and modern management in various departments, the Company is fully equipped to design, develop and produce metal artware in aluminium, brass, cast iron, copper, bronze and zinc; from concept to commercial production including retail packing, in-house. At our works, we provide our workers a safe working environment, without any risk to their lives. No under aged workers / child labour are employed in our factory.


Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is highly environment friendly and it helps in conservation of natural resources by recycling of waste / scrap metal into finished product. The casting process involves the ancient sand cast techniques, originally used by the Indian craftsmen, to cast statues of the deities. The product, detailed by the designers and the craftsmen, are translated into sand cast moulds, which are later filled with molten metal. The Company, at its foundry, uses recycled material. The cast products are finished in-house where de-burring, grinding, buffing, polishing, lapping, drilling, tapping, welding, turning machines are used by the trained / skilled workmen to give requisite texture and finish.



The Company manufactures a wide range of products which are crafted by skilled Indian Craftsmen who work hard to produce classic pieces of handicrafts. With the wide experience of more than 24 years - the products are distinguished in the market for their superior quality and elegant design. The wide range of our handcrafted products can be customized as per the designs / requirements of the Customers. The Company has to its credit successful execution of orders from Companies of repute in various Countries.

The product range includes:-

 Gift and Home Décor

 Décorative Hardware



 Custom Metalware

The Quality Policy

Metalcraft inc. is committed to achieve the highest quality standards of its products for maximum customer satisfaction by following a systematic Quality Assurance System.